Sarah Taylor

I am a passionate Environmental Economist from South Africa. I studied my Bachelor of Business Science degree at Rhodes University in South Africa, majoring in Economics and Mathematical Statistics. I was particularly curious about natural capital valuation and the interactions between natural resources and economies. This led to my master’s degree in Economics at Nelson Mandela University, which used econometric modelling to assess the relationship between economic growth and climate change on marine food security. My current research interests are ocean accounting and bioeconomic models as policy tools for sustainable ocean economy growth.

SOLSTICE has been an incredible experience for my academic and personal growth. I have particularly valued being connected to researchers from so many different disciplines, which has expanded my thinking beyond just economics. One of the most memorable experiences was walking alongside Dr Narriman Jiddawi through the fish markets in Tanzania as she explained how fishing is the heartbeat of the coastal communities. This experience breathed life into the research we were doing together on marine food security in the area and made me more determined to continue working within science into policy.



Institution affiliated : 

National Oceanography Centre
Southampton, UK

Notable mentions: 

Allan Gray Academic Achievement Award 2014