Project Objectives

SOLSTICE-WIO main objectives are to:

  1. grow marine environmental research capability to address challenges facing the WIO region in a cost-effective way via state-of-the-art technology transfer, collaborative environmental and socio-economic research, and hands-on training,
  2. strengthen the capacity of UK marine scientists to apply leading-edge technologies in developing countries, and work with regional and local experts to ensure that their research addresses local and regional needs,
  3. strengthen the ability of WIO scientists to effectively deliver evidence-based environmental and socio-economic information to support policy development and implementation at national and regional levels,
  4. ensure future sustainability of marine research capability in the region by training and mentoring early career scientists and post-graduate students from the WIO and by developing on-line resources for use in distance learning and hands-on training of marine scientists outside the partner organisations and beyond the duration of the project,
  5. ensure on-going support for an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries in the WIO by building lasting strategic research partnerships between UK marine science and regional centres of excellence, between these centres and other WIO research organisations, and between marine scientist and government agencies and NGOs mandated to deliver sustainable development and exploitation of marine living resources in the WIO.