Peer Reviewed Publications

Papers submitted for the Special Issue in Ocean & Coastal Management :

"East African Coastal Current: At the Frontier of Climate Change and Food Security"




J.Kamau et al., Managing emerging fisheries of the North Kenya Banks in the context of environmental change

In Review Process

D.Mutia et al., Productivity driven by Tana river discharge is spatially limited in Kenyan coastal waters

In Review Process

J.Mwluma et al., Assemblage structure and distribution of larval fish on the North Kenyan Banks during the South East Monsoon season.

Z.Jacobs et al., Key climate change stressors of marine ecosystems along the path of the East African Coastal Current

B.Sekadende et al., The small pelagic fishery of the Pemba Channel, Tanzania: What we know and what we need to know for management under climate change

S.Painter et al., Evidence of localised upwelling in Pemba Channel (Tanzania) during the southeast monsoon

K.Osuka et al., Characteristics of shallow and mesophotic environments of the Pemba Channel, Tanzania: implications for management and conservation

In Review Process

B.Sekadende et al., Spatial Variation in the Phytoplankton Community of the Pemba Channel, Tanzania, during the South-East Monsoon

In Review Process

Y.Shaghude et al., Seasonal variations of remotely-sensed Chlorophyll-a and associated physical conditions in the Tanzanian channels

H.Kizenga et al., Variability of mackerel fish catch and remotely-sensed biophysical controls in the eastern Pemba channel

In Review Process

M.Palmer et al., Marine Robots for Coastal Ocean Research in the Western Indian Ocean

In Review Process

S.Taylor et al., The Complex Relationship Between Asset Wealth, Adaptation, and Diversification in Tropical Fisheries

A.Gates et al., Ecological considerations for marine spatial management in deep-water Tanzania

In Review Process

R.Wilson et al., Large projected reductions in marine fish biomass for Kenya and Tanzania in the absence of climate mitigation



South Africa Special Issue

Papers in preparation phase for submission in Summer 2021



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