Kennedy E. Osuka

Kennedy is a fish ecologist and fisheries scientist keen to understand the linkages between marine habitats and fish communities. His Ph.D. research at the Department of Environment and Geography, University of York, seeks to contribute towards the application of marine robotics to produce habitat and biotope mapping of the shallow (0-30m) and mesophotic (30-150m) habitats of the Pemba Channel in Tanzania. The study is anticipated to provide information that will support conservation and management of the seascape. This is also expected to feed directly into questions on sustainability and food security and threats of climate change. His research interests are aligned towards finding innovative solutions to problems around ecological and social resilience to climate change, environmental conservation, and policy and governance.


Institution affiliated : 

Coastal Oceans Research and Development – Indian Ocean (​CORDIO), East Africa

University of York, UK

Notable mentions: 

Scholarships from Norwegian agency for development cooperation (Norad), Perivoli Philanthropy and Dev Joory