Dr Zoe Jacobs

I am a biogeochemical ocean modeller interested in what drives productivity in the ocean and understanding how this will be affected by future climate change.

For SOLSTICE, I have used models in conjunction with satellite remote sensing to investigate what drives the productive regions that sustain fisheries in parts of the Western Indian Ocean, i.e. North Kenya Banks and Agulhas Bank. I also use forward projection models to identify key regionally important climate stressors over the East African Coastal Current. I am also passionate about capacity development and being part of SOLSTICE has enabled me to work with early career researchers to enhance research capability through training courses and 1-2-1 mentoring. One of the most memorable SOLSTICE experiences was the visit to the fishing village and market in Zanzibar with Dr Narriman Jiddawi – her wealth of knowledge is astounding.

Institution affiliated : 

National Oceanography Centre
Southampton, UK