Dr Juliane Wihsgott

I am a physical oceanographer with a strong interest in biophysical interactions. I am part of the international SOLSTICE-WIO team researching ocean ecosystem health and its resilience in the face of climate change in the Western Indian Ocean. Within this I am investigating the biophysical interactions that sustain fisheries in coastal communities in South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya, and their sensitivities to climate change. For this I am collecting new observations using ocean robots and combine them with data from ocean models to identify key physical controls of primary productivity in these regions.

In addition to the scientific objectives within this project there is a strong emphasis on building research capacity among our project partners in the Western Indian Ocean. That is something I feel passionate about, and I have actively sought to transfer my skills by carrying out hands-on training of processing and interpretation of observational ocean data products.

My SOLSTICE highlight was taking the first ever turbulence measurements in the Pemba Channel, Tanzania with fellow early career researchers, Rachel Sabuni and Violeth Swai. Their enthusiasm to gain new knowledge and acquire new skills was remarkable.


Institution affiliated : 

National Oceanography Centre
Southampton, UK