Dr Fatma Jebri

I am a research scientist in satellite oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre. I received a PhD. from the University of Toulon (France) and University Tunis - El Manar (Tunisia) and MSc. from University Pierre & Marie Curie (France) in Physical Oceanography and Satellite Observations. I also earned an Engineering degree in Meteorology and BSc. in Mathematics & Physics.

I am passionate about investigating links between ocean biological and physical processes using Earth observations in synergy with model outputs and fisheries data. I enjoy coding and data analysis, with a particular interest in multivariate statistics and machine learning.

In the SOLSTICE project, I use ocean remote sensing observations to study marine ecosystems variability in the Western Indian Ocean. Additionally, I work on capacity building through scientific and technical support for Western Indian Ocean partners using remote sensing in their research.

Being part of a multidisciplinary project such as SOLSTICE has reshaped my way of perceiving ocean research. When addressing a hypothesis or a question, I now think about the potential socio-economic impacts that research has beyond pure scientific curiosity. Also, SOLSTICE offered me a memorable human experience, in getting to know the amazing collaborators and building connections with scientists and students from different backgrounds


Institution affiliated : 

National Oceanography Centre
Southampton, UK


Notable mentions: 

Bonus nomination in recognition of ‘over and beyond’ contributions to NOC, awarded in 2019

Research fellowship for a thesis in the South (ARTS) from the "Institut Français pour la Recherche et le Développement" (IRD, France), awarded from 2015 to 2017.